Rates for 2023


750 SEK /hour
  • excluding VAT
  • 25 % VAT in Sweden
  • Reverse VAT rules apply for EU customers
  • No VAT charge for customers in countries outside of EU
  • The company is registered for FA-tax (FA-skatt) in Sweden


  • Journal articles (3000 words) usually require 3-5 hours of editing.
  • Theses (50 pages, single-spaced) require 6-10 hours of work.
  • Student discounts are available; enquire.


  • One week for most journal articles
  • 2-4 weeks for a thesis
  • For rush jobs (<48 hours), the rate is 1125 SEK excl. VAT
  • For rush jobs (<24 hours), the rate is 1500 SEK excl. VAT

Workshops and courses

Inquire. The fee depends on the number of participants and days. I have held courses for 12-60 people, and from one hour to eight weeks. Here is an example for a 1.5-day workshop.